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Welcome To EXOUR

Real estate appraiser, are you writing a professional opinion and looking for a more effective way to convey complex information to your client?

Specialist, does your professional opinion involve making a visit to, and documenting the property, collecting findings, and crafting the conclusions?


With Exour you can easily turn any professional opinion or report into an interactive virtual tour which enables your clients to grasp the important points and make informed decisions.


Our team will work with you on creating compelling experiences that will bring your reports to life and make them more engaging and easily understood.


​Take your reports
to the next level with

Exour interactive reports include:

  • A virtual tour

  • Embedding dynamic orientation points in statutory drawings, charts of the location and area, and interactive maps

  • Video and sound files, graphics aids, 2D and 3D simulations

  • Panoramic documentation of the area and/or 3D documentation of  a property, location or compound using a drone

  • Creating a direct interactive link between the familiar professional opinion and the virtual tour, It all comes together in a complete package based upon a unique interactive professional opinion



Time Savings

  • Simple to use, enables the client to understand and internalize the professional opinion in record time

  • The specialist hardly changes anything in the operational process

  • We take care of the entire implementation process through to the end product

Data Distillation with Multimedia

Professional considerations and reasoning are conveyed to the reader via video clips, sound files, 3D simulations, VR and a range of graphic aids

Capturing the Moment

  • Focusing on cases when it is not possible to gain a second impression of the property

  • Properties in changing surroundings

  • Buildings due for demolition/renovation


Individual Tailoring

  • Exour products support real estate appraisers, attorneys and specialists for basic or complex and unique goals.

  • That means they are tailored to goals and budgets, and are fully supported.

Working Offline

The interactive professional opinion, in combination with a virtual tour, can be saved on your computer or mobile device and, invariably, you do not require an Internet connection in order to access it

Dynamism, Uniqueness and Innovativeness

A visual, clear, dynamic and engaging report, different from anything you have experienced before added value, uniqueness and standout value in a crowded market.


Select Products

Interactive Real Estate
Appraiser Report

Integration of real estate appraisals in interactive virtual tours that include 360-degree capture, drone documentation and embedding of varied media, and all tailored to the goal of the professional opinion and real estate appraiser's focal points.

* The service is available to specialists in other fields.

Asset File

Creating a virtual tour which incorporates documentation of the surroundings using a drone and integration of varied media based on the client's needs for marketing or property management objectives.

The Process


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Our experts will design a unique product for you

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Jerusalem – Erez Building, Malha Technology Park
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